Gino's Hamburgers Photo Gallery 2
  A father and son, who later would become a Gino's employee,
enjoying a meal at Gino's around 1966.
Courtesy:  Jim Sexton

    Multi-colored moasic tiles from an earlier Gino's era show where portions of the later applied brick veneer is missing on the side of the Towson location.
Former Gino's in Towson, MD  
               Photo: David Waxter

Photo: David Waxter
Brooklyn Park, MD.
Photo: David Waxter
  Barely reconizeable as a former Gino's is this Catonsville, MD building.
   This is the Gino's that Dave worked at, #01-007 Timonium MD, shown in 1986 as a Kentucky Fried Chicken store.
  Wise Ave. Dundalk MD Gino's shown being demolished. A new style KFC was built here.
Former Dundalk, MD Gino's shown as Car Mart.                                                                    Photo: David Waxter
1960's Gino's interior
  A visitor to this site sent in this photo of the former Gino's on Route 13 in Levittown, Pa. He reports it originally had the neon "rocket" style road sign.
   It was a Deli after closing as Gino's around 1980, when a new Gino's was built across the street, but looks as though it is being renovated for another use.

  Russ Sears sent in this scan of an early Gino's Hamburgers take-out sack.
  The following two photos were sent in from a visitor to the site. He spotted some of the original exterior wall tiles exposed at the former Levittown, Pa. Gino's ...
The portion of the wall with the stone facade was where the bench would have been.
  A close-up view of the exposed Gino's wall tiles at the former Levittown, Pa. Gino's. These were used on the exteriors of the earlier Gino's locations.
Gino's roadside sign.
Some former Gino's locations in South Jersey...
Deptford, NJ
Mt. Holly, NJ
Lumberton, NJ
A visitor to this site sent me this Gino's menu panel.
  Lou Fischer narrating a slide show about Gino's restaurant remodels at a 1979 Manager's Meting at Cherry Hill Inn in New Jersey. He is standing behind an oversized drink cup that was used as the podium for the meeting, with the microphone inside the giant straw.