Gino's Hamburgers Returns
Gino's Burgers and Chicken announced on July 9, 2013 that the 'new' Gino's at 611 West DeKalb Pike Gino's in King of Prussia, Pa. would be closed. This location opened on Oct. 25, 2010 and was the first 'new' Gino's. Gino's gave the reason for the closing as 'growing pains'.
   Highway sign at the new Gino's Hamburgers and Chicken  in King of Prussia, Pa. in 2010
  A new version of Gino's Hamburgers opened in King of Prussia Pa. on November 14th 2010, offering customers 1970 prices for three hours and having performers singing the classic "Everybody Goes To Gino's" jingle - which played regularly inside.
Photo courtesy J. Partington
A performer on stilts at the Grand Opening of the Gino's Hamburgers and Chicken  in King of Prussia, Pa.
Photo courtesy J. Partington
  A visitor to my page who worked for Gino's in some South Jersey locations visited the Gino's at King of Prussia, Pa. in April, 2013 and allowed me to use this review he wrote about his experience...

The Gino Giant was even better than I remember. I had a mixed basket of onion rings and fries with it and even tho the old Gino's never had onion rings, they were delicious!  All four of us said they were the best onion rings we ever tasted! We all had shakes with our meal and I chose a strawberry milk shake with M&Ms mixed it. Again, it was excellent! We got a bucket of the chicken tenders to take home and had them today. They were fantastic! Fives stars for the food!

   Finally, I shared the story that it was more or less a "homecoming" for me since I worked for Gino's back in the day. I must say the employees I met along with the two managers were very kind about that. Considering the fact that my time working for Gino's was LONG before most of them were born, I thought it was quite nice of them!

The Gino's in Bensalem, Pa. closed in late January, 2013. It was opened in 2011 with the Company's first Drive-Through window.  The Company has written on its Facebook page that the location was closed "due to conflicting interest" and that they are focusing on the remaining six locations and looking forward to future openings. Comments posted on Gino's facebook page mention the location not being good and they felt the prices were high.